Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gracie has breakfast with Santa!

We got up early this Saturday morning to head down for our 2nd annual chicken and Santa at Chick-fil-a, and chickens there were a plenty (a.k.a Gracie, Isaac, and Emma)! All three toddlers screamed and held on to their mommies for dear life. Gracie wouldn't even look over the booth at Santa because there was a big cow. So we decided to warm them up by eating breakfast close to Santa so they could watch the other kids sit on Santa's lap. Finally after eating breakfast, getting a balloon, and playing on the awesome playscape together, they decided to give Santa a try. Two out of three toddlers decided the big guy in the red suit was not too scary as long as their mommies stayed close by. They pretty much have a love-hate relationship with Santa at this point. Oh well! Maybe next year they will love this jolly ol St. Nick.

I'm sitting here for my mommy, but I don't like it!

Get me out of here!

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