Saturday, November 21, 2009

San Diego Vacation

Recently, we attended Andy and Caroline's wedding in San Diego. It was absolutely beautiful. Congrats to the happy couple! We are happy for you both. Gracie decided to make friends with the band and then danced the night away with the entire Bockus family at the reception. I think she danced for 2 hours straight. Her Uncle Henry and Uncle Bruce even showed her a few awesome moves on the dance floor. What a hoot! I'm sure someone caught it on camera, just not mommy or daddy. Stay tuned for some wedding pics!

We had so much fun visiting all the sites San Diego had to offer. We decided to take Gracie to the aquarium, world famous zoo, and La Jolla beach. What a wonderful vacation! Gracie had a ton of fun and keeps asking to go back.

A cute story from the zoo. We were taking the bus tour and as we were passing the wolf den there were some new baby wolves howling. Gracie decided to join in the singing and let out a wout - wu -wooooooo. The whole bus cracked up and she turned into shy girl.

Here are a few pics to enjoy.
Beautiful San Diego at sunset

Mommy and Gracie enjoying the beach

Gracie playing in the ocean!

Shark Bite at the aquarium?

Huge Star Fish

Now that's a scary snake!

One cool panda bear

Gracie loved this elephant!

Look daddy, a zebra!



Loved petting the goat!

I want to ride the baby elephant, daddy!

Tuckered out after a fun filled day at the zoo!

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