Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sleeping Beauty and our lil Pink Princess!

Gracie has wanted to be Sleeping Beauty since her birthday. It's her favorite princess. She also wanted Madison to match her, but we could not find a matching costume in her size. So we decided she could be a matching pink princess! Gracie loves to pick out matching clothes for Madison and herself. It's really cute! Mommy loves it!

Sorry we are a little late posting, but here are a few pics from Halloween night. We attended Auntie Jessica's party then made our way around the neighborhood for some candy. Gracie had a great time trick-or-treating! She walked by herself for 2 straight hours. What a fun night!

Montessori School Update!

Gracie really loves her new school! It has been a great experience so far. We are so happy we made the decision to put her there. Gracie has learned so much already. We had our first parent/teacher conference at school today. Her teacher had nothing but compliments to say about Gracie. Yay! She said Gracie is a polite little girl and is very happy to have her in class! She is doing great so far and has transitioned really well into the classroom. She also said she is doing super in all her subjects, but Art happens to be her favorite one at the moment. Hopefully she's a little more creative than her daddy and I. :) She has mastered her first round of letters, is learning about magnetism, and working on her Math skills . Next week she will be learning about vertebrates. I mean who learns this kind of stuff at 3 years old??? We are so proud of her! Go Gracie!!

The School Halloween Party.
Gracie had her first school party at the end of October. It was a fun time for parents and kids alike. It was cute to see 27 3/4 year olds running around in their classroom. She made a spider from crackers & pretzels (all the legs were eaten before the poor guy was completely together), had face painting, built a haunted house, painted a pumpkin, and put on a mini-show for all the parents. I hope they find that poor Jack-o-lantern eventually (you'll have to ask Gracie about the song :). It was concluded with a pizza party. Gracie had a fun time and it was nice to be able to meet some of her classmates. I give extra credit to her teachers for keeping some level of control while all the parents were in attendance. Here are some fun pics from the party!

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