Monday, April 18, 2011

Madison learns to crawl! Well sorta.....:)

Madison has been scooting on her tummy for the past couple of weeks. It's pretty darn cute to watch! She follows us everywhere now. She even crawled a handful of times, but seems to prefer the army scoot. And just this past weekend she learned to pull her self up, cruise the furniture, and wave hi and bye bye! So you could say our lives just got a whole lot busier! Guess she wants to keep up with BIG sister. :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Our little bald head beauty!

I can't believe it, Madison is 9 months old now! What a sweet baby girl! She recently went in for her 9 month check up and we found out she is one skinny baby. Even though she is healthy, she falls into the 10 percentile. Way different from her BIG sister Gracie. Gracie was always 50 % and was one chunky monkey! It's funny how your babies can be so completely opposites of each other. They are both awesome in their own unique ways, but have totally different body types and personalities so far.

It's so much fun watching them interact with each other these days. Gracie makes Madison laugh over the silliest things. You can tell they adore each other. Gracie is still really great with her so far. She shows her off everywhere we go. She helps mommy and daddy get things for her and always watches her for us if we need to leave the room for a second. Gracie has really taken on feeding her too. She loves to feed her oatmeal and even shares her frozen yogurt with her. We couldn't ask for a better BIG sister!

We recently took some naked pictures of Madison at 7.5 months.So we posted some below. When Gracie was 6 months we took some similar ones of her. We wanted to take them at the same time, but we just got too busy taking care of the girls. Haha, life is different when you have 2! It's fun to compare the pictures of them at this age.

I almost forgot she is officially scooting now! This just might be her crawl. Either way, it's super cute. We are trying to get a video of her getting her groove on, so stay tuned!

Our Gracie is getting so big!

Gracie continues to enjoy her sister everyday. She likes to help Doris and I with everything involved with Madison from Feeding her to putting her to sleep. The one activity she steers clear of is changing diapers...although she does have the most sensitive nose in the family so she's the dirty diaper detector for the house. She also looks forward to any visits with family she can get. We recently had a visit from Nana and Papa for spring break where much Nana&Papa bonding time was had by all.

Goofball and cutie in goofball training.

Papa Lovin'

Quality Nana time

She's also still a big fan of helping Mommy in the kitchen. Here are a few shots from a day baking cookies (we try to keep the cookie dough sampling to a minimum, but it's a constant struggle).

Getting her homemaker on...

But never too serious of course

Gracie continues to enjoy going to school. She learns an amazing amount and still looks forward to seeing all of her classmates at school. She's currently in the middle level of advancement for the Montessori program. The latest we've heard about her learning activities is her putting together the letters from three letter words. So the teach says 'fit' then Gracie has to get the f i and t letters together. I think we'll have a reader on our hands before we know it. In math she's currently learning her odds and evens. She and I practice with fingers on the ride home from school and she's a pro.

Gracie has started taking a sports class at school. There she learn the fundamentals of several sports as well as teamwork and sportsmanship. So far she's been to class for soccer, basketball, and hockey. Basketball seems to be the favorite so far, but we'll see as the class continues. Doris was able to sneak in and observe the first class without Gracie knowing she was there. The kids take a little instruction, run like mad for an entire hour, and then collapse at the end. The highlight of the class as Gracie letting the teacher know that she was too tired about 3/4 of the way through the class. She toughened up and finished up the class. Somebody is sleeping really well on Friday nights.

Gracie's first school they get her to smile like this we'll never know.

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