Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our vacation to the Great Wolf Lodge

In June we took a family vacation to the Great Wolf Lodge. What a great place to visit! We had a wonderful time there. Everyone had fun and slept great. The sleeping was our biggest worry since we all shared a room. We were lucky because Nana decided to meet us there to help with Madison. Which was such a BIG help. The girls love their Nana and count the minutes until they get to see her again.

Everything at this place is pretty pricey, but we saved some money by eating all breakfasts, lunches, and snacks in our room. There was a good size refrigerator that could store all of our food. Then we would splurge on eating dinners out at night. We even made a trip to the Rainforest cafe one night for dinner. It is such a neat place! Which I remember loving it as a kid. So I knew Gracie would enjoy it, but to my surprise it was a little scarey for her at first. It could have been because she just woke up from her nap and was not quite awake yet. She is like her daddy and wakes up a little on the grumpy side. So it took her awhile to get used to it being dark and noisy inside the restaurant. It didn't help that every 10 minutes a rain storm would come along and the gorillas would come to life and make all kinds of movements and sounds. But by the end, Gracie was loving it and was asking to go back there when we left. So it was worth it!

Having Nana there at the resort gave us the opportunity to hang out more with Gracie at the waterpark during the day. Since she could keep Madison in the room at nap times. We were so excited because Gracie actually passed in height for the bigger slides. Which meant Gordon and I could ride all the family rides with her. The faster the slides went, the better! She loved the thrill of the rides, but could do without standing in line for usually 10-15 mins. I guess that amount of time seems like an eternity to a 4year old! haha

Also to our surprise Madison actually loved the water and crawled through the sprinklers like a pro! She was a happy girl the entire trip and was a trooper for anything. Gordon and I actually even had time to relax by the pool at naps and bedtimes since Nana could stay in the room with them. Thanks Nana! We love you! You helped make it a wonderful vacation for us!

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