Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Guess who is going to Montessori School?

That's right miss Gracie! She is starting this week. :) We have been talking about it sending her for several months now, but wanted to give her some time to adjust to Madison being here. We didn't want too many changes in her life all at once. It's hard enough sharing mommy and daddy with a new little one in the house. Much less transitioning to a new BIG girl school. But since Gracie has done so well with Madison being here, we feel like she is ready for Montessori school. Gordon and I love the Montessori philosophy and their approach to learning. They really work one on one with each child and instill in them a sense of love for learning. The results have been amazing from these types of schools. What a great opportunity for Gracie!

We met her new teachers today. Their names are Mrs. Angelica and Mrs. Babitha. They both seem super sweet and have several years of experience. The class is full of girls her age which I know Gracie will love. Gracie seemed excited to be there today. Please pray that her transition goes well. I know it can be hard being in a new place making new friends.

Gracie's 1st day of BIG girl school!
She is growing up too fast!

Finding her classroom for the first time.

On a different note, Madison is smiling now ! Yay! Daddy just took her to her 2 month appointment this past week and the doctor said she is doing great. She weighed 9 pounds and 13 ounces. She is in the 25% percentile.
What a happy baby!
Bear Hug!

Video of Madison smiling!

Madison takes a bath!
Gracie playing with her baby sister!
A typical day in the Bockus house:)
Favorite uncle gets to visit!
Cousin Amy and Alex get to meet Madison!
Peek a Who???
Sweet baby:)

All the Bockus ladies.

Sooooooo Sleepy!
Daddy's girl? You tell me. :)

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