Saturday, May 15, 2010

Madison Isabella Bockus!

We would like for you to officially meet miss Madison Isabella Bockus! We absolutely love her little name and can't wait to hold her in our arms! The three of us just went to our 31 week ultrasound this past weekend and got to see her in action. Baby Madison was pretty laid back during the ultrasound and did not move around a whole bunch. She was pretty content and wanted to stay in the same position the entire time. We could see she has some hair and a chubby chin (or a double chin as the lady called it)so far. We even got to see her smile and even frown a few times when they would try and get her to move around.

Gracie really enjoyed seeing her baby sister on the big screen. She sat with mommy on the table with a BIG smile on her face the whole time. She even pointed out baby Madison's hands, nose, mouth, head, etc...It was a precious moment for me and daddy to see the gleam in her eye. Let's just hope it stays that way once her baby sister gets here. :)

Here is a short part of the video they took for us. Enjoy!

Mommy and baby are doing good. The blood pressure is staying down so far. Woo hoo! Let's just pray it stays that way until at least 37 weeks. We need baby Madison to bake a little longer in the oven. :) Keep us in your prayers! We are sending everyone our love back!

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