Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Day in Texas!

Today we had a very unusual site in Austin. Something that I think may have forever setup Gracie for disappointment. The unusual site was a huge snowfall. The flakes were easily the size of a half dollar. It snowed basically all day and accumulated on all the non-cement areas. It was that perfect kind of snow that makes awesome snowballs and snow people. We spent a couple of hours out in the yard playing. It was snowball fights, building a snow Papa and and a snow Gracie. All around fun. I had to drag Gracie in the door a hour past dinner time.

Yes, that is a Papa beard.

One of us is worn out.

Loving the snowman

I wanna make the snowman thisssss big.

So heavy

It was surprisingly hard to get that second ball on top of the first. It only cost me the seam in my old navy pants in the end :).

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